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How do I export my presentation into pdf format?

In LibreOffice/OpenOffice Impress simple go to File -> Export as PDF

In Microsoft PowerPoint use File -> Save or Save As. Select the PDF file type.


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Can I use _____ without an HMD?

Our products are designed exclusively for use in HMDs. The immersive properties of HMDs are necessary in order for Virtual Humans to be experienced properly. If only viewed on a desktop, the experience will not be persuasive and, therefore, not function as expected.

Do you support/plan to support mobile based HMDs, such as the Samsung GearVR or Zeiss One?

We do not currently support these HMDs and have no concrete plans to do so. This class of HMD has certain limitations that make them suboptimal for the our products. The main reason we do not support them is that they only have rotational head tracking, instead of full 6D head tracking. This is a known factor in the induction of simulator sickness. Avoiding this is important in research and training, so we have chosen not to support those HMDs. A second issue is the limited graphical processing power of the devices, which would limit capabilities in regards to Virtual Humans.

Do you support _____ HMD/tracking device?

Currently we support only the Oculus Rift line of HMDs. Support for the HTC/Steam Vive HMD is in development. If you are interested in our Virtual Confederates line of products please contact us here specifying for which devices you need support.

Do you support _____ sensor?

We develop sensor interfaces as required by our customers. Please contact us here with your particular needs.